Sunday, August 25, 2013

The entryway is complete!

Finally done with this project! 
Loving the built in shelves...they are perfect for keys, phones, small bags and of course my snow globe collection!  I do think I want to add something to the back of the shelves. Probably some vintage map paper since we have a bit of a travel theme in this room.  I painted the compass rose on the floor a few years ago and it is showing a nice worn look. It was a fairly easy project.  I found a compass rose online and just enlarged it, penciled it in on the unfinished floor and painted.  I did sand a little bit for a worn look.  Then we sealed the floor .  With the dogs and everyday wear, it could use a refresh.  I just say it has that lived in look!
Here is a pic of the other corner.  I have a vintage icebox that I use for storing hats, mittens and scarves.  The artwork is from Key West and also from a friend who is trying to get his business up a running.  Troy Davis Photography.  He does amazing work.  The piece I have is of the Two Harbors, MN lighthouse.  Another beautiful place we have been.  The shells in the glass bowl are from many trips to Key West.  I have a flameless candle in the center for a bit of light at night.

On to the next project!!!!  The yard!
Our side yard has been neglected for several years,  When are kids were younger we had three holes of mini golf in that spot.  I couldn't decide what to do over there and it became a mess of tree seedlings, vines and weeds. 
Got a start on it yesterday.  Pulled all the weeds and little trees, raked out some mulch and created a small seating area on one of the old golf areas.  I am trying to do a no cost makeover, using plants and things from other parts of the yard.  We are removing a garden on the side of our garage, which gives me a number of plants and flowers to move into this space. 
It will be an ongoing project for a few weeks.  Way too hot and humid here in Minnesota for a few days!  I will be inside working on more glass pieces!!

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